Rampage of Fire

Agrimor is unchallenged, unhinged and building an army. He seeks control over not just the gold he killed our king for, but the whole of Lirennor itself. Only you stand in his way, only you can save us.

1 player
Long way home

Returning heroes find themselves having to battle their way through a hoard of merciless creatures at the command of a Dark Mage.

2-5 players
Rogue Regions

Descendants of the Queens Guard. Your duty and quest as the Medallion Bearers has finally revealed itself. The Regions have gained autonomy and a life of their own. It is up to you now to restore order to this fallen kingdom.

2-6 players
War in Lirennor

Play as the commander of your own town in a war against your sworn rival. Control the lands enemies as you march your army to victory and control over the Regions of Lirennor.

2 players
Grelezar's Revenge

Grelezar is awakening. A powerful Dark Mage even Saladar fears, who was entrapped inside the catacombs of the Castle and held at bay by the magic and power of Lirennor. But the kingdom is crumbling and so too are his bonds.

2-4 players
The Dark Parasite

Something evil is spreading in the land. It wants to spread its rot to every Region in Lirennor. Unseen and without hesitation it is growing. You must stop it before it consumes what is left of Lirennor.

2-6 players
Warriors Wrath

A game of fierce competition between all players to prove yourself the most worthy warrior in Lirennor. Battle after battle you will gain ever closer to victory.

2-6 players
The Hoard of the Dead

In this scenario the dead have come back to life and you must survive for 3 nights whilst you are getting more and more tired.

1-7 players