How do you get over the time between players sorting out their turn?

The 4+ rule is a rule in the game that allows players to skip your turn if there are 4 or more players in the game. This rule takes place if you are in the market which can take some time for you to decide what to buy and how to organise your inventory. Or during battles between players. Because battles can take place over a number of turns by implementing this rule players can focus on their own battle whilst other players in the game skip their turn and focus on the game itself. In either case, when those players have finished in the market or in the battle they re enter the normal game rounds and wait for their turn depending on seating order.

How do scrolls work?

Scrolls are a players magical abilities in the game. They are used throughout the players gameplay both in battle and during their normal turns. They can be used to defend, attack, enchant, teleport, trap, summon deadly creatures, conjure weapons and armor, protect and even manipulate the physical map itself. Through the use of scrolls the game will adopt an element of luck as well as tactical manoeuvring through their use. There are 150 scrolls in the game in three decks that can be accessed by all players and players will constantly be using, discarding and swapping their scrolls around so that you may always have diverse magic on your side.

What other games will you produce based on the World of Veles?

Currently we have two games lined up. The Enchanters Caverns based in the year 733 ATD. A world discovering adventure game with a two layered objective of escaping from the evil enchanters. And a world dominating, kingdom building, army commanding strategy game based around The Wars of the Divide in 624 ATD. Stay tuned, we're not stopping here.

How long does the game take?

Given that it's a strategy based game it can vary. Depending on the number of players, their knowledge of the game and the way you set the map up it can take between 30min up to even 6hr. But the average time is between 30min and 90min.

What expansion packs have you got in mind?

In the future our expansion packs will include, more tiles, smaller tiles for players to add to the map as they go along. Miniatures of structures and creatures to be placed around the land by players witnessing the map evolve as the game goes on. More creatures and weapons and mystical relics. Multiple editions will be created allowing for more places to explore on your adventures. We are also building a dungeon/cavern themed expansion pack as well as a craftsman expansion pack. Both of these expansion packs will feature their own objectives, rules and gameplay adding to the already large open world for you to explore.

How does the mechanical market work?

The mechanical market is a five piece system comprised entirely of high density cardboard. This is all assembled by the manufacturer and so will be ready to use when you receive the game. The Mechanical Market is used to store all your market cards as well as the player cards. During gameplay it is propped up behind the base of the box. You must then locate the two notches on either side. Then, with both hands, slide the slider down by placing a finger in both notches and pulling down. Any market card that is sold back to the market will go into the category it came from. Any other items or essences go into the bottom box until bought back. It will remain open until the game is over. When you pack the box away remember to close the market by sliding the slider back up. This will prevent ay cards from falling out.

How does the Roll and Move function of the game work?

There are four custom six sided dice in the game. The numbers on each die are 2,3,4,4,5,6. You roll two to move, the others are spare. Upon moving you can choose to go in which ever direction you wish and stop at any point along that journey. The number you roll is the maximum amount of steps you can take but you can always choose when and where to stop.

How do you win the game?

Players win by either collecting all the items they require and entering the castle, by defeating all other players in glorious battle, or by braving the flames of a powerful dragon who holds the crown of the king and returning to the castle with that crown.

What function do the quests play in the game?

Throughout your travels you will encounter people in need of help. These will be quests either that you must complete by yourself or that other players can complete meaning you must compete for those rewards. As side quests these adventures will offer you rewards in the form of coin, scrolls, weapons and armor. All of which will aid you on your road to victory.