Below is a timeline highlighting the events that led up to Dead Throne®. Feel free to click on each event to read more about the World of Veles®. As time goes on we will be adding short stories to each event to give you a more in-depth look into each year. If you would like to contribute to the timeline feel free to contact us

The World of Veles®

In an ancient time, long before history there was darkness. Before that there were two land masses drifting in the vast ocean, baron and void of life they drifted alone. For thousands of years, these two land masses never came close, until that is, they did. The two land masses crashed into each other, mountains soared into the sky, deep caverns of crystals formed in their depths and Veles was born.
These land masses contained a power unlocked only in their union. As time went on, this power began to show itself, it showed itself in the form of life. From the center outwards, this new life began to spread in the form of plants and trees and later, animals. But each side had its own view on what form life would take. The lands to the east gave birth to foul and horrid creatures whereas the lands to the west spawned creatures of the light. The closer to the center of each land mass the more potent its power and more distinct its life. Stories passed down through the ages talk of beings on both sides that hold the key to these powers and live on to this day.
Long before man walked these lands, creatures became the knights in great battles between the west and the east as both battled for dominance. But just as their union brought life to their lands, so did it bring balance to the world. In an effort to retain that balance, the wars stopped and life began to flourish in a different direction and eventually man took its first steps.
Along with man came magic, a gift that seeped through the lands from the west and flowed through all life. Eventually, as magic showed that it was a prominent force, mankind began to worship its power and its deliverer, ‘The Mother’. She was believed to be the creator of magic. The Mother was within all that lived. Magic was who she was and she protected and intertwined within everything. When people felt the darkness within they turned to The Mother. A being who showed love and forgiveness to all her children. Darkness was still feared and those who still worshipped it went into hiding. The Mother took over as the people's saviour and her word spread across to all the corners of Veles. She joined the kingdoms under one faith. The mages’ council was at the head of this religion as they were viewed as her guardians, entrusted to protect mankind with her power. Children were taught at schools to fear the darkness and trust The Mother above all else. The mages knew that magic flowed within all humans but more in some than in others. As children, the people of Veles would study a basic word of magic, a trial in their use of it and the mages would use this as a test to see who was worthy of studying in the mages’ council, their great university. It was considered a great honor to serve The Mother this way. When the darkness presented itself in the form of the exiled enchanters who were eventually defeated by the mages, the people saw this as the all‑powerful Mother defeating evil and empowering their beliefs. Even after the dark mages and the Fable Wars, the people still worshipped The Mother, praying and hoping that her light would shine once more.

0 ATD -> After the Darkness

With the new balance and order, new life emerged on both sides of Veles. Mankind, a new creature to walk these lands showed itself quickly as a dominating force. It manipulated the lands and built great structures. Tools and weapons became its distinguishing feature and it quickly diverged and spread in localized communities. Its advancement was rapid and it wasn’t long before the first of many kingdoms emerged.

120 ATD -> The Birth of Magic

Magic presented itself as it seeped out of the ground, in nature and from creatures both wonderful and evil. The raw elements were provided by nature and eventually mankind focused them and advanced them into the magic that would follow. The Jinn were the first beings to use magic directly, the enchanters captured and learned from them initially. The source of magic is within all life forms. Anything that lives emits the power that is magic. This power, as the enchanters discovered could be manipulated and focused to cause direct effects. As the Mother was the creator of magic the people believed that she offered it to them. The enchanters used this as their foundation to experiment with it, to learn all its properties.

125 ATD -> The Kingdom of Thorodan

First kingdom after the darkness. The first group of men that gathered after the darkness formed a kingdom. As mankind began to explore and understand the world around them they gathered together in the eastern planes. The enchanters of the time were village healers and wise folk. When the kingdom of Thorodan rose, these early enchanters were able to gather together and learn, experiment and teach each other. Their powers and knowledge quickly grew and so did their curiosity as more and more abilities emerged through their discoveries.

500 ATD -> Rise of the Enchanters

Magical researchers who experimented with magic and animals. As the enchanters became more and more powerful they inserted themselves into society as the children of the Mother. They alone could wield magic and should be trusted above all else. People who needed healing would pay them, creatures who needed dealing with would be sorted for a fee. The enchanters were never questioned as they were the children of the Mother and to question them was to question the Mother herself, a blasphemous act.

624 ATD -> The Wars of the Divide

Goblins were created by the enchanters as weapons for man’s wars. Mankind was now spreading across Veles. Cities and rulers were emerging, structured societies and diverse cultures took hold. Languages and dialects evolved. The people had devised themselves through culture and it wasn't long before wars broke out, land claims were the rulers’ priorities and great races for weapons took place.

670 ATD -> The Wars of the Divide End

During this time many of the eldest creatures emerge and show themselves to humans. The wars left the kingdoms barren. A Goblin Warlord created for a king of the north destroyed most of the kingdom’s land and cities with his legions of goblins. The people who survived began looting and fending for themselves. The old systems collapsed and people returned to a more primitive way of life.

701 ATD -> Birth of Lirennor

After the Wars of the Divide the kingdoms were mostly left in ruin. The settlements that remained had little in the way of gold so they started to rise as independent gatherings of people. Farming replaced hunting and people began to form societies. From this a leader by the name of Terrowin led his people to a land of great wealth. Fields, forests, lakes and mountains populated this area and the people could sustain themselves with the great abundance of resources. A settlement rose and later, a kingdom.

732 ATD -> Birth of Prince Fodith

Youngest son of King Terrowin. He took the throne after his father’s death by deceiving and killing his two elder brothers.

753 ATD -> Death of King Terrowin founder of Lirennor

Beloved ruler and wise king. His death was a great loss to the people of his kingdom, but his legacy would remain to this day. His pet wolf sat by and guarded his tomb until he too passed away.

780 ATD -> The Council of the Mages is Formed

A group of idealistic enchanters who sought to do good by the people of Veles. Their philosophy was to be selfless and focused on ridding the world of evil and using magic for the good of mankind. They gave the people of Veles the words of the Mother. These words expressed love and forgiveness. Her essence was within everything that lived and the mages were her guardians of all that she loved dearest. The evil creatures were then seen as children of the darkness and the mages’ job was to rid Veles of all darkness.

810 ATD -> Ethelder and the Dragon of Eirwen

Eirwen was a new kingdom in the North. They survived the harsh winters by using the coats of sheep and bear and other thick-furred animals in the mountains. They began herding the animals they could tame and this provided an easy food source for the dragon. Ethelder was a Mage Cleanser, a rank that allowed her to explore Veles by herself and assist where she could, but in matters involving creatures of the darkness she reported back to the mages’ council. When Ethelder arrived in Eirwen and witnessed the dragon destroying farms and burning people she couldn't turn back. She knew the dragon was too powerful for her to tackle alone, but she also knew that dragons were intelligent and proud creatures. And pride can be tricked. She spoke to the dragon and told it that it doesn't matter that it was eating all the animals in the farms because the citizens of Eirwen keep their main supply in a mountain passage nearby. But a dragon could never enter so they had nothing to worry about. The dragon laughed and said "nowhere is impossible for me", so Ethelder told the dragon where the passage was and the dragon flew away with a confident grin. Ethelder teleported herself near the passage and waited for the dragon. And surely, as expected the dragon entered the passage. Looking around for its feast Ethelder saw her opportunity. Using magic she caused vibrations in the walls of the passage. The dragon, startled and confused, tried flying away but the walls were too narrow for its wings. It tried running back but got stuck by falling boulders. Its claws scraped the rocks as it tried climbing out but boulder after boulder buried the proud dragon and the kingdom of Eirwen was saved from the dragon’s fire.

831 ATD -> Invasion of the Dread Hordes

The success of the mages pressured the creatures into corners. They had nowhere to live or hunt. Many of them had been completely killed off. Those that remained gathered together. They declared war on their common enemy, organizing themselves. At first they attacked wondering Mage Cleansers, but then they began attacking temples and monuments. Their boldness grew and so did their destruction. For decades they continued unchallenged. The mages couldn't find them nor had the numbers after their Cleansers had mostly all been killed. For now they were unchecked and brutally successful.

900 ATD -> The Great Cleansing

Clearing nearly all the evil creatures from Veles, organized by the council of mages. The mages never gave up during the Dread Hordes. They accumulated and trained new mages within the safety of their council. Experimenting with new weapons and tactics until eventually they were ready. They emerged from their council and swept the land in great numbers hunting down and killing all the creatures they could. It took almost 20 years, but they managed to drive the evil creatures back until they weren't to be found.

920 ATD -> The Writing of the Great Scrolls

The mages within the council gathered their collective knowledge and created the first scrolls. The veterans of the Great Cleansing had accumulated a skill with a weapon they had independently forged. Before the Great Cleansing they realized that if they infuse the essence of defeated creatures into parchments, their magic would increase in power. Each of the mages during the Great Cleansing made their own as they needed them but now the war was over they gathered and collected their scrolls and all they knew of making them. A grand collection emerged and was organized into 8 categories. Two more would follow soon after.

933 ATD -> The Environmental Scrolls

The great earthquakes that reshaped Veles from scroll experiments gone wrong. With the newly created environmental scrolls the roaming enchanters experimented with them. With little regard for the safety of magical use they pursued with devastating consequences. They created massive earthquakes that rattled the land. Mountains crumbled, cities destroyed and great tides washed away the shoreline. In the mountain ranges that border Eirwen great caverns were revealed from the earthquakes. Within these caverns the enchanters found massive deposits of crystals. These crystals formed from the remains of ancient creatures that lived in a long-gone sea between the northern and southern part of Veles. When the two joined, heat and pressure turned the remains of these creatures into crystals. The enchanters found that these crystals contained the ancient essence of these creatures and could use them to create a link between the dead as so to revive them. The power to summon creatures was learned.

934 ATD -> Banishment of the Enchanters

The enchanters were exiled for their destruction of the world through their experiments with environmental scrolls. They went into hiding where they continued their experiments. Some became necromancers in the future living in the caverns on the northern mountain range.

961 ATD -> Return of the Darkness

The exiled enchanters thought themselves more powerful than the mages and in the name of the darkness they fought against the mages in great magical battles. They kept the Stuhac, evil and foul creatures of the dark, as guards to their caves in the mountains. Many of the old stories of the darkness swept through the land. People began to fear for their lives, their families and homes. The dark mages used this fear to swiftly traverse the land bringing destruction and death in their wake.

964 ATD -> Downfall of the White Mages

The mages defeated the darkness but suffered many losses. Some of them were infected by the darkness with a dormant evil that would later reveal itself. This darkness, this evil train of thought is what fuels the dark mages. Driven by self-empowerment they believe they are the rightful rulers of this world and that no one should stand in their way for control. It's this lust for control that many succumb to. The white mages train for years in the school of selflessness to keep it at bay. But the power derived from the selfish use of magic is an easy drug to fall on.

965 ATD -> The Swearing in of the Mages

They vowed then to protect the people of Veles from all magical evils. The successors to the white mages they carried on their predecessors’ teachings. Magic was to be used to protect the people of Veles from all evil that might want to bring them harm. Selflessness and bravery were praised alongside wisdom and knowledge of the natural world. The mages began recruiting those who they deemed true to that cause. Classes of mages rose. The Recruits were young and still in training, spending most of their time studying in the libraries. The Cleansers were young adults now who had learned all they could from the confines of the mages’ halls. They would be sent out around Veles to defeat evil and protect the people wherever they could. Not all would return. The Master Mages would protect and teach the new recruits and sometimes travel alongside the Cleansers, showing them the way. Then there were the Elders. These mages formed the council and organized all aspects of magic. In later years they were the oldest and wisest of the mages and entrusted with the duty of maintaining the code of selflessness and protection. The kings and leaders of Veles would come to them in their time of need.

1004 ATD -> The Mages Temple

The temple of the mages is built and the great library of scrolls is filled. The Bergrisar were used to carry the great blocks of granite from the mountains. At last a grand home for the mages is erected and their power unquestionable. This new temple would become their base, their academy. The bordering kingdoms had little choice but to provide them with land around it giving them essentially the control of an independent state.

1005 ATD -> The War of the Madoc Twins

One the King of Lirennor and one the King of Perun. Their father, King Kerron Madoc, had unified the two kingdoms during his campaigns and treaties. Before his death he gave his two sons a part to rule. But they quickly fell into disagreements over their control. They battled for dominance but eventually found peace, ending the war and keeping to their own kingdoms. During this time, however, a great number of weapons were created that eventually fell into the hands of goblins. One of the twins is known to have tamed and rode a centaur. The Iron Wielders came to be during this time. An elite group of smithies who created some of the most powerful weapons of the time. They hailed from the north where men and iron were tough through and through. The rocks beneath their feet held vast streams of magical energy which they used during their trade.

1074 ATD -> Paving of the Great Trade Routes of Veles

The five kingdoms began a trade agreement that would bring them all prosperity. Roads and bridges were built under this agreement. Signs and outposts were erected. Messages traveled fast and so did merchants and wealth. Veles became an interconnected web with its kingdoms flourishing.

1139 ATD -> The Year of the Rotten Death

. So called because your skin would rot and melt off your body. It was a disease that spread across Veles from the fisheries of Perun. It lasted only a year but resulted in over half the population dead. The Alchemists managed to defeat it, but Veles wasn't the same. The disease originated in fish from the fisheries and traveled quickly along the trade routes. It found its way into livestock and of course, people. It didn't take more than a week for people to die after digesting an infected piece of food. The people called out for the mages who did their best. Their alchemists eventually found a cure.

1190 ATD -> Rise of the Necromancers

Mages who succumbed to the darkness. During the Rotten Death they emerged by trying to cure the disease but found ways of reviving the dead instead through the use of the crystals in the northern mountain range. Some used this power and hid away perfecting it. Their numbers rose until some became suspicious. Eventually, the mages’ Elders learned of them and gave ordered for them to be hunted down. Only a few survived but were lost forever.

1236 ATD -> The Gold Rush

Survivors of the Rotten Death began rebuilding and searching for wealth. They rebuilt their towns and roads bit by bit. Their desperation led them into the mountains where they found small remnants of gold mines in various mountain ranges throughout Veles. Word quickly spread and more and more people began to follow down this shiny new path. Soon men, women and children spread through the mountain ranges in search of wealth for their families. It was a risky venture that saw many lose everything as it wasn't only gold that could be found in these mountains. As people dug they disturbed the homes of some of the most vicious of creatures.

1250 ATD -> Discovery of the Great Gold Mines in Stonesea

A large network of tunnels is built to mine this precious gold. Forts and towers rise from above the rock. In these buildings teleportation magic was used to connect each of them to allow the miners to communicate and travel freely between them. Portals were built into the walls of the forts turning them into doorways to the other.

1342 ATD -> The Wealth of Lirennor

Lirennor becomes the richest and most powerful of the Kingdoms in Veles. With its well-built and protected mines in Stonesea they quickly amass a grand depository of gold coin. The kingdom enjoys a new era of prosperity and control.

1371 ATD -> King Amineous of Lirennor

With the wealth of his kingdom he rebuilds the old trade routes, establishes messenger posts, a flourishing merchant network and sanitary laws. A great and wise king of the likes Lirennor had never seen before. He used his kingdom’s wealth to build strong defences around the towns and a glorious new castle from which to govern his kingdom.

1438 ATD -> Rise of Goonovik the Bandit King

A merciless man who created a network of bandits along the trade routes. He organized a stronghold from where he ruled the winding roads for years. Trade in the land slowed down and so did the prosperity of the five kingdoms. Numerous attempts to remove Goonovik had failed. His knowledge and strategic dominance of the trade routes allowed him to hide from his enemy or defend against them.

1483 ATD -> Death of Goonovik

An assassin named "Brom the Shadow" managed to kill the infamous bandit king in revenge for the death of his mother by the gang when he was a child. Brom was a young boy traveling along the path when his wagon was ambushed. His mother was taken from him never to be seen again. He scurried away into the woods barely escaping with his life. He spent the rest of his life traveling and learning the ways of a killer. He mastered many weapons and skills that would bring him a reputation as an effective assassin. He even managed to evade a Mage Cleanser and his Master. With one goal on his mind he lived out his days seeking revenge, a revenge he took his time with.

1490 ATD -> Looting of the Scroll Library

No one knows who or how the perpetrators managed to gain entry. Many scrolls were stolen, some lost to time. But in the years that followed many of the scrolls were being sold and used freely. Magic was loose in the land for the first time in a long time. The mages tried to control the outbreak, but too many were stolen and their numbers too few to search all of Veles.

1491 ATD -> A Decade of Magic

With hundreds of scrolls scattered around Veles, the mages were struggling to maintain order. Amateurs playing with powers they could not control. And some who could control them too much. Many Masters and Cleansers were dispatched and some scrolls recovered. But for the most part, magic was running loose. For ten years the people of Veles had to grow accustomed to strange and disastrous phenomena. Some used their magic for good, helping and building their communities. But for the most part it was a decade of accidents of all kind. The kings and queens mostly stayed hidden, the townsfolk wary of newcomers. Crime and discontent was on the rise. Merchants weren't trusted if they came from too far. It was a time where society and civilization as it was known was at a standstill.

1499 ATD -> The Winter Scroll

A blistering and relentless 100 years of white winter. The effects of the Winter Scroll had been released onto Veles. This highly powerful and chaotic scroll was one of the many stolen from the library. During this time crops died, people died and the five kingdoms looked to the mages for help, but without the Winter Scroll they could do nothing but wait. Some say the mages planned this, they say the mages caused the winter on purpose. No one will ever know the true events. The barbegazi however, a rare species of a mischievous nature thrived during this time allowing their numbers and range to grow.

1600 ATD -> End of the 100-year Winter

The effects of the Winter Scroll used to turn the weather cold wears off and the land returns slowly to normal. With the sudden abundance of food and warmth people begin to spread fast causing a population growth. New lands opened up, more people to dominate it began occupying territories. These new farmlands quickly got divided up amongst the people. Trade and commerce begin to boom once more and people are seen to live a much more prosperous life.

1634 ATD -> Population vs Food

With the population boom a few years earlier Veles is seeing its supplies dwindle. The prosperous lifestyle that had quickly been adopted was putting strain on the demands for food. The kingdoms were starving and the countrysides was becoming a desert. Many of the old methods of farming were lost through the 100-Year Winter and the quick and unsustainable methods used in its wake were damaging the environment. It wasn't long before the people began looting or spreading out further and further into the wild.

1645 ATD -> Population Control

The Kingdoms of Veles enforce population control measures and begin to add taxes on the number of children a couple has. Those who couldn't afford to pay would have to offer their eldest child to either the army or fields. For a short time this worked with supply and demand balancing out. However, the people were living in poorer conditions, their income drained and their families separated. They agreed that population had to be controlled, but they were growing tired of being suppressed when their leaders lived in wealth and freedom.

1670 ATD -> The Peasants Revolt

Angry and tired of their suppression by the old kings and queens, the people of Veles organize themselves together throughout the five kingdoms and try taking power from the monarchs. At first small pockets of revolts began to appear around Veles, the first in the small village of Smallpass in central Eirwen. But one after another the word spread and soon every castle in the land was seeing large numbers of peasants rise up against them. The nobles were protected by their soldiers, but soon they too turned on their rulers. The mages tried keeping the peace but in the end they had to step back giving the people what they wanted. With nothing to stop them, the peasants overtook the monarchs and nobles of the land reshaping the balance of power.

1671 ATD -> Execution of the Nobles

Throughout the land people began executing the nobles, many preferring to feed them to water snakes whilst tying them down on a beach. With the old rulers dead there needed to be a new structure in place, but this time they would choose their own leaders. These people became the new kings and queens of the kingdoms. The people put in place a voting system that made the kings and queens after each ten-year reign ask the people if they were allowed to stay on the throne. This ensured that the new kings and queens put the needs of the people first. If they were not voted on to stay by the people, the people as well as the soldiers protecting them were allowed by law to remove them and elect a new ruling family.

1711 ATD -> The Dark Mages

Some mages begin to turn dark and are expelled from the order. The mage Elders begin to investigate a possible cause but they find nothing. The dark mages’ selfish power lust begins to spread amongst the other mages in the council. Cut off from the relics and crystals found within the mages’ council the dark mages begin killing and then collecting centaur blood for its magical power. They continue their pursuit of power in the further reaches of the known land.

1725 ATD -> The Spread of the Darkness

Reports of people suddenly becoming violent and killing their families began to spread. The people of the land are terrified as anyone could break peace at any time and anywhere. It's not clear at this time what the cause of this outbreak of violence is, but the concentration is seen between the Kingdoms of Eirwen and Urien. Once again the people seek help from the mages who are unable to assist.

1730 ATD -> Rise of the Dark Mages

In the northern Kingdom of Eirwen the expelled dark mages take over a town with a small army of walking corpses. Their army included many of the forgotten evil creatures that were hunted down many years before. The town of Coldshell on the north-western shore of Eirwen is their target and suffers greatly at the hands of their army. Not too far from this town is Eirwen City located in a natural defensive canyon. Their army could never pass through. However, an army of undead could wait for well beyond the city’s food supplies. Siege after siege the defences withstood their assaults, but the city was growing tired and hungry.

1732 ATD -> The Defeat of the Dead Army

After the dark mages tried taking over the capital of Eirwen the king sent out for aid from the other kingdoms. Unbeknown to the mages the inhabitants of the city of Eirwen had managed to carve out a path through the Winter Peaks, the mountain range that defended them. With the message out they waited. It wasn't long before the other kingdoms along with the mages answered their plea and the army of undead was quickly vanquished from the land with all the known dark mages killed.

1805 ATD -> Power to the Mages

In the years that followed the undead army in Eirwen the mages had become a stronger force. They were given power by the people to become a police force. They specialized in detaining anyone accused of practicing dark magic. The fear was great and so they roamed free. Thousands were killed and tortured in the name of clearing the world from the evil of dark magic. They believed that the darkness had infected people, bending them to its will and using dark magic as its weapon. Ogres were manipulated by the mages and used as executioners. These brutal creatures would take no time in crushing their victims.

1824 ATD -> Execution of Gwen Hildegard

The daughter of the King of Lirennor. The people loved Gwen, a charitable woman who did her best for the people. The king wouldn't let her go at first, but in the end he had no choice but to obey the mages. The news shocked the people and caused them to distrust the mages. They had finally gone too far and the mages could see the people's displeasure in them. The Surtr protected the mages from the people by becoming their personal bodyguards. With this move they immediately disconnected from the people showing them that they had something to hide.

1826 ATD -> The End of the Hunt for the Dark Mages

The mages remained as a police force but took less decisive action. They had lost much power but regained it by becoming the heads of police in each region. With this they could still seek out the use of dark magic but could no longer execute without trial and proof.

1893 ATD -> Terrorism in Veles

The mages were taking control and the people could see. Because of this some small groups began attacking the mages in secret. Small acts of terrorism and vandalism against the mages took place, mostly by radical parties. But as time went on the people became more confident and destructive with their attacks.

1915 ATD -> Relocation of the Scrolls

They feared the acts of terrorism they said and so they moved their power elsewhere. No one knew were and this enraged the people. This was further proof that the mages were becoming more selfish and protective of their power than they originally vowed to be.

1926 ATD -> General Lothean is Born

A man of legend in his later years. He is known to have been a talented hunter and warrior in his early years. His mother is rumored to have fed him croc blood as a young boy to promote his growth. From his home in northern Lirennor he spent most of his early years in the mountains learning to evade the creatures that dwelled there and understanding them in detail. He soon joined the army where he climbed in rank as a result of his natural talent for outwitting the creatures he helped kill.

1937 ATD -> The Loan Mages

Many of the younger mages are expelled from the order and go off helping as they can whilst keeping true to their cause. The mage Elders keep a close eye on the inner workings of their order. Newcomers were quickly absorbed into their new world or were rejected, never to return again.

1950 ATD -> Lothean and his Elite

Lothean takes command of a small elite group of soldiers who hunt down the breeding grounds of some of the most deadly creatures. A young commander by this point, his victories grew swiftly in number. As the mages retreated in on themselves Veles was seeing more and more creatures come down from the mountains and outskirts of Veles. It wouldn't take much for this new and ambitious leader to prove himself.

1951 ATD -> The Private Mages

The order of the mages is closed off to the people. Magical crime increases and the evil creatures of the land aren't dealt with anymore. The stress of cleansing the land falls on the armies of the kingdoms, but they can only handle so much. Bit by bit the land falls into disorder. The towns are fortified and trade slowed down. Constant raids on the mountains or the wild are carried out by the armies in an effort to cleanse the world they now live in.

1965 ATD -> A Divide in Loyalty

A small group of mages from within try protesting against their elders. They see the order straying further from its core principles, the selfless commitment to protect the people of Veles. Initially the group managed to bring to attention the struggles that they faced, but the group was quickly dealt with behind closed doors. To the people they could see that things inside the council are unstable. A group with so much power over the natural world had by now completely lost their trust of the people in their ability to use it for good.

1969 ATD -> A Mage Uprising

Some mages who are true to the cause, together with the people of Veles and some creatures begin a revolt against the mages. They demand open doors to the order and return of magic for the good of the people. The mages respond with violence, standing alone and pushing the people back. All they had left was to use brute force to retain their control. In their efforts to remove themselves from the front line they created the Battle Ogres as soldiers by selectively breeding them and promoting intelligence through the use of their alchemy. It didn't take long before the people began to organize and arm themselves.

1970 ATD -> The Fable Wars

The mages had had enough of the people and their intolerance towards them. They were all-powerful and deserved their respect. For the mages their choice was clear, to eradicate all who opposed them and begin anew. They declared war on the people of Veles. With their Battle Ogres and their arsenal of scrolls they stood strong. Thousands died in their initial assault. Towns and cities were pillaged, farm lands burned and armies destroyed. But the people of Veles were not giving up that easily. Even some of the creatures of Veles like the Samodiva joined against the dark mages. Grand battles were fought from region to region and kingdom to kingdom.

1982 ATD -> The End of the Fable Wars

Finally, under the command of General Lothean the five kingdoms amassed a grand army and pushed the mages back to Blood Stained Mountain, far in the frozen north of Eirwen. Here they cowered away into the depths of the mountain. Held at bay by the elements and a well-supplied fort called WinterStone just east of the Desolate Mountains.

2062 ATD -> Gwiladith is Born

Born in Perun she quickly discovered the world beyond her home. Gwiladith was an adventurer at heart. From her youngest years she spent more time exploring her world than taking part in the typical activities of a girl her age. At a young age her father, an avid explorer himself gave her a dagger. This dagger was enchanted with great power. Later on she would pair the dagger with an enchanted rope creating a powerful combo. At the age of 16 she traveled far and wide until she reached the western Kingdom of Heilwen. It was here she learned how to survive off the land and how to defend herself in battle. She learned to hunt and sneak up on her prey. Her teacher saw great potential in her and helped her on her journey home.

2080 ATD -> Gwiladith Finds Fame

As she closed in on her home town her memories of the place were not as they appeared. Approaching the center of the small town of Mistden in western Perun she is shocked by the destruction she finds. The locals are nowhere to be found and the buildings are smashed from the top down. Only a few creatures have the ability to bring this level of destruction onto a town. With her teacher now long gone she knows she must be careful. She scouts around the town looking for clues as to what has destroyed her home. The town has had troubles before given its location in the planes between two mountain ranges, but it has never seen this. Eventually she discovers that a cyclops had come down from the mountains. She tracks the creature back to its hideaway by following the remnants of her fellow villagers'. Using her skills in evasion and movement in the shadows she sneaks up on the beast. Whilst it lies she knows she has a chance. She possessed no weapon strong enough to defeat it, however this wouldn't stop her. She stabbed the beast in its eye as it slept. When the creature woke in pain she shouted and threw rocks at it enticing it to chase her. In its rage and blind state it ran for her and fell off the edge of a cliff. With the creature dead she brought peace back to her town.

2095 ATD -> The Undead Swarms

The dark mages never gave up on their efforts for domination. Their prison of Blood Stained Mountain for them was a tactical retreat. The mountain got its name because anyone who entered would never come back alive. The blood of thousands of warriors stain its rocks, and their bodies provided the dark mages with exactly what they needed. When they moved their scroll library they did so after clearing and fortifying this desolate mountain in secret. It provided them with everything they needed to build an army. In their time spent there they used ancient crystals that contained the essence of creatures long gone to fuel their undead army with unnatural life. The power they used needed to be constantly active and linked to their soldiers. So in the years they spent there, one by one they resurrected their army until they were ready to continue their war. Upon unleashing the undead swarm the first of their victims were the unsuspecting soldiers of WinterStone, the fort designed to keep the mages at bay. But nothing could have prevented this. The undead never slept, never cowered and never stopped marching. In a matter of months all but one of the Kingdoms of Veles fell to their might.

2098 ATD -> The Battle of the Iron Gates

The undead swarm was closing in on Lirennor, the last hope for Veles. Days before the two armies met, Gwiladith went to the young commander of the Lirennorians. She had a plan and told them to hold on for as long as possible. This young commander had heard of her exploits and didn't have much choice but to listen. As the two armies marched to battle she took the northern path to Blood Stained Mountain. From her teacher in the west she had learned the ways of magic. She knew that something powerful would have to be in place to control this undead army. So, a seemingly impossible mission would have to be won. She trekked through the Desolate Mountains and entered Blood Stained Mountain undetected. Whilst in she discovered the source of their power along with an arsenal of scrolls. She used these scrolls to destroy the crystals and render the undead army a useless pile of corpses. But it wasn't over. After their collapse the Lirennorians marched towards Blood Stained Mountain. Gwiladith bought her time, collecting scrolls and sabotaging the mages undetected. The Lirennorians finally arrive and enter into a dramatic battle in front of the Iron Gates, so called because they are built from the weapons of the fallen. Gwiladith reveals herself and uses the strongest of scrolls against the mages bringing victory over the dark mages once and for all.

2275 ATD -> King Jarin is Born

The king in his later years is beloved by all. He restores order and peace to his kingdom. When Gwiladith defeated the dark-mages in Blood Stained Mountain she offered the commander of Lirennor some of their power. She installed this power into the throne itself thus allowing it to be used for good for as long as it stands.

2281 ATD -> Saladar is Born

Saladar was born a prince and brother to the late king, his place was in the castle. But desire for power led to the fall of Lirennor, the abandonment of the castle and the death of the king and the throne. Born in the Castle of Lirennor he was loved by all. But unknown to all he harbored resentment for his brother the king, jealousy of his brother's wife and belittlement as the young prince. At the age of 20 he began his journey in secret of discovering the ways of the dark mages defeated over 200 years before. Bit by bit he learns the power of the old scrolls, the ways and thoughts of the old mages and the darkness that was once vanquished returns into his heart. When Agrimor the dragon threatened the lands of Lirennor the king took it upon himself to defeat it. Armed and powerful there was no question he would bring victory. But as he dined with his family one last time, his brother’s plans were being fulfilled. Poisoned and weak the king set off to meet his fate. Saladar tried seizing power, but luckily for the kingdom he was oblivious to the protection spell Gwiladith, installed onto the throne after the Battle of the Iron Gates. Banished from the castle the throne remained dead; the Region Stones scattered and the kingdom silent. Saladar spent the next 100 years collecting the Region Stones and gaining control over them. The castle and the throne were not his, but the regions had fallen to his dark ways.

2312 ATD -> Agrimor Enters Lirennor

In this time of prosperity and peace a great wealth spread around the kingdom. From the mines of Stonesea great amounts of gold poured out of the mountains. Agrimor was a large fire-breathing dragon from the uncharted lands to the east. He came into Lirennor after the gold in the mountains. He was powerful but no match for the king.

2314 ATD -> King Jarin vs Agrimor

The king with all his power and weapons was too powerful even for the mighty Agrimor. But with the poison his brother let seep through his body the king wouldn't stand a chance. As the king set off into the mountains his people were cheering for his safe return, but alas, he would never be seen again.

2315 ATD -> Separation of the Medallion Pieces and Ejection of the Region Stones

Saladar could see victory in his sight. Everything he had been waiting for was near. But when he tried to sit on the throne he had fought so hard for, the throne’s own enchantment banished him from the castle and ejected the Region Stones with which its ruler would control the kingdom. When Gwiladith gave the commander of Lirennor the mages’ power she made sure that no man or woman who was evil at heart could ever rule over these lands. After Saladar had been banished the queen knew that the power had been lost. Her medallion had been passed down from Gwiladith all those years ago. It was a piece of the crystal used to control the undead and so possessed great power. She decided to break it into pieces and hand them over to her most trusted guards. They all then dispersed never to meet again.

2353 ATD -> Jasinai Is Born

Granddaughter of King Jarin and heir to the throne.

2365 ATD -> Aaron is Born

Born in Eirwen Aaron grew up around metal. His ancestors were the Iron Wielders of the Madoc Twins war. His secrets have been handed down through the generations that most have forgotten. He’s a smithy by trade giving great strength to any weapons he wields.

2378 ATD -> Rhilik is Born

Born in Eirwen he was raised on a farm until his lands were attacked leaving him the sole survivor. He spent the next 10 years alone and wondering in the mountains. But the same tragedy that befell him once returned leading him to fight for his survival in the arena of the Warriors Clan. In 2405 he was noticed by a militia who secured his freedom. They recruited him, trained him, until an elite warrior emerged and the fate of Eirwen hung in the balance.

2380 ATD -> Ereveth is Born

A merchant born in Perun, she gathered a great reputation by sailing and trading with the unknown peoples in the East. She brought back artefacts never before seen by the people of Veles. Her reputation spread giving her a place in any market across Veles.

2385 ATD -> Elena is Born

Born in Lirennor near the castle, she was left by her mother at the age of three. Frightened and alone she stumbled upon a group of thieves who raised her. Her adopted father trained her in stealth and theft. When she was 16 a raid took place on her home. Her father was arrested and never seen again. She managed to escape but was yet again alone. Tired and hungry she snuck into a traveling circus for some food but was spotted before she collapsed of exhaustion. As luck would have it she found another family. Her skills were put to good use in acrobatics.

2386 ATD -> Falewin is Born

Born into a rich family on the outskirts of Heilwen he learned to carry himself in a respectable manner. At a young age his father initiated him into the family’s business at their winery. He started as a barman serving drinks to visitors from all over. He learned how to manipulate people into giving him a significant tip and at the age of 23 he bought his own bar. A ladies’ man and a night owl he does well on his feet. He still uses his tip-collecting skills when completing quests and is well respected around Lirennor.

2389 ATD -> Taniel is Born

Taniel’s early history is unknown. She was raised by goblins in a cave never to see the light of day. They used her as a cook and punished her for any lack of flavor. The caves never provided much in the way of ingredients and so she learned to cook with whatever she could find: rats, toads, creatures of the night. One day she discovered a means to kill all the goblins who had enslaved her and find a means to escape. Away from the cave she found a whole new world of ingredients and recipes. Her imagination ran wild and her skills grew. Eventually, she found a job as a chef giving that restaurant a reputation that spread across Veles.

2407 ATD -> Jasinai’s Quest

Jasinai begins her quest to find all the Medallion Piece bearers and start the rebirth of Lirennor. Her mother told stories of her grandmother’s heroism and that of the old Queen’s Guard. When she was younger, she saw the devastation left in Lirennor and knew that she had to do something. On her travels she got infected in the marshes of Perun by a parasite that causes exaggerated aging in its host. Now, unable and unwilling to take the throne for herself, she has found a new way to save Lirennor. Spending her last few years traveling across the five kingdoms, she’s searching for the descendants of the old Queen’s Guard who now bear the broken Medallion Pieces. When her quest is over, one will prove to be worthy and bring in a new era of prosperity to Lirennor.

2410 ATD -> Present Day

After a message that was sent out by the old queen’s granddaughter found all those who possessed a piece of her medallion a great race began for control of the throne. Saladar waited for those heroes to bring him the crystals he needed and they raced forward to obtain the Region Stones they required to claim the throne for themselves.