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Welcome to the World of Veles.

Dead Throne® is the first look into this deep chronology. The story takes place in 2410ATD

(After the Darkness) in the southern Kingdom of Lirennor.

It has been over 100 years since a king has sat on the throne of this once grand kingdom. The creatures once repelled are now swarming down from the mountain hides they cowered in before. They wreak havoc on our towns and lands, plundering, scavenging and killing with little resistance.

An ancient power forged long ago still guards the throne. Even the dark mage Saladar couldn't break its charm. When Saladar tried forcing himself upon it, the throne rejected him and scattered the Region Stones across Lirennor. Saladar, unable to take the throne began collecting these powerful stones and with them, control of the Regions of Lirennor. After the queen fled she entrusted her most loyal guards with her medallion. Breaking it into 6 pieces and ordering them to flee the land, as the power of this medallion is the only known relic that can break the throne’s charm and give power to Saladar.

These six pieces through time landed in the hands of six heroes. They are all that stand between Saladar and the throne. The kingdom must have a ruler once more. You must guide them on this journey. Through battles, through traps and magic, you must guide them. Because if Lirennor falls into darkness, the whole of Veles might fall with her.