Tabletop Simulator

The Tabletop Simulator for Dead Throne is an awesome way to play Dead Throne online for free amongst players all over the world. It is also a great way to test out the game before purchasing the physical version.

Initial Set Up

  1. The first thing you will need to do is download Steam and then download a game called Tabletop Simulator (£15).
  2. After that you will need to subscribe to Dead Throne which you can do by following this link
  3. When in the Tabletop Simulator game you then click on Create, select single and then in the games tab find Dead Throne from your games list. After clicking this you are ready to play Dead Throne.

How to play it?

  1. If you haven't played the tutorial for Tabletop Simulator we would recommend doing so first.
  2. When the game first presents itself it will need to be loaded onto the system. It may take some time but this is the only time it will take so long.
  3. After the game has loaded you will be presented with some options (Competitive, Solo or Defender). Select the mode you want to play and then select one of the following three options. These will simply set up the map in different ways.
  4. Select the card tray you want to use by picking a character name that is hovering over them. After selecting it, your character will automatically set up for you. The miniature will bare the colour that your player is, not the colour of the character. The colour of the character card will also change to your players colour so it won’t effect gameplay.
  5. After you have selected your character you must manually set up the health board according to the rules. To the left of the two health boards will be the health board pieces. Two per player with your players colour.
  6. Saladar will have to place his Region Stones wherever he wants to on the map.
  7. You will now be ready to start playing the game.

Setting Up for Multiple Players Online

  1. In Tabletop Simulator select create, then multiplayer. This will show the server window.
  2. Simply set up a name, a password, number of players and select create server.
  3. After this select Dead Throne from your games list.
  4. Select the mode you wish to play.
  5. In the top right select the + sign below your name to invite your Steam friends. They must have Tabletop Simulator and the Dead Throne MOD.
  6. After all your friends are in, they select their characters and you’re ready to go.

Tips for Using the Simulator

  1. The scroll cards won’t be visible to other players. If they can see the front of the scrolls it will only be a random scroll and not the scroll that you actually hold.
  2. When selecting from the market, right click on the category you want and select search. This way you can select the right item.
  3. In order to equip items (horizontally or vertically on the card trays), you need to have “drawn” the card first (have it in your hand.) After this you can then drop it onto the part of the card tray it should be on.
  4. In order to place cards back into the deck the card needs to be face down. Then just drop it on its relevant deck.
  5. When drawing from the decks you need to draw and replace cards. The simulator can’t draw from the bottom and only replaces on the top. There are two ways you can manage this.
  6. Draw a card. If you need to put it back then place it on top and shuffle the deck.
  7. Pick up the whole deck and hover it over the table. Then select Alt + T, this will drop a card from the bottom of the deck. Then put the deck back and either flip the card or right click and select draw. This way you can place the card back on top without needing to reshuffle.

Special thanks to the builder of this Dead Throne MOD, GIlberto Guillen. He has done an amazing job setting this up for everyone to enjoy :)