Dead Throne

Dead Throne is a bold new board game that brings adventure, fantasy, player vs player and open world gameplay together. With Competitive, Solo and Co-Op modes to choose from it is a game for all. Set within a deep world, comprising over 2,400 years of history to explore, Dead Throne is a game like no other. With three ways to win, multiple side quests, open world gameplay, traps, magic, the ability to simply roam around killing things and a vast amount of options and tactics to implement, Dead Throne will keep you coming back for another round. Dead Throne opens up your world and allows you to be the masters of your own game. You make each game unique as you adapt your strategies for each new game set up. No game is ever the same as you explore a new world each time. Designed to be organised and fluid from the beginning and for all levels of experience, this is a game for the whole family to enjoy as well as long time gamers.