Dead Throne® is a board game played in the World of Veles.

Published by SharkeeGames Limited we are proud to present this unique game. The game itself is built as an open world adventure game in that players will traverse a large physical map openly and freely. You start off by choosing a character based on their unique attributes. You then collect armor, weapons, items, magical scrolls and coin in order to become more and more powerful as you progress through the game.

Along your travels you will encounter creatures of the dark that drag you into fierce battles. Your items can help you build traps to lay for other players. Local civilians found around the land will offer you side quests that lead to great rewards should you choose to accept their dangers. The magical scrolls you collect will not only save your skin in battle, but have the power to manipulate the map itself.

The World of Veles comprises over 2,400 years of recorded history. Throughout the game

you will uncover segments of its grand past as you interact with elements of the game.

Dead Throne® is the first in this chronology. We will release more and more games in the

future that take advantage of this world, each with new enemies, new heroes, quests,

objectives, gameplay and ultimately, a new victory to be had.